FREY Delikatess Gherkins

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FREY Delikatess Gherkins


Viennese style sweet-sour pickled gherkins, ideal condiment with charcuterie, cheese and BBQ

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Zotter Almonds with Grappa Raisins - Dark Milk Chocolate filled with almond nougat and grappa raisins

Zotter Bitter Chocolate Mousse - filled with chocolate mousse. Simple and excellent taste with a fantastic melt. 80% cocoa content.

Zotter Blue Poppyseed - A white - filled - chocolate - ganaches with a fine vanilla note, spiced up with small, caramelised blue poppyseed, which was harvested directly in the Waldviertel - the forest quarter in Lower Austria

Zotter Coffee Toffee - A first class bonbon with an exciting play of caramel and coffee aromas. 

Zotter Easter Taste Parade - The crescendo of nut aromas.

Zotter Happy Birthday - Mountain milk chocolate with butter caramel filling.

Zotter Hazelnut - Mountain milk chocolate with hazelnut filling.

Zotter Marc de Champagne - Noble Bitter Chocolate with Marc de Champagne filling.

Zotter Orange Liqueur - Mountain Milk Chocolate filled with orange cream

Zotter Raspberry Coconut - Coconut milk couverture with raspberry coconut filling. 

Zotter Scotch Whisky - Noble bitter chocolate with whisky cream filling. 

Zotter Thank You - Mountain milk chocolate filled with berries and vanilla. 

Zotter Walnut Marzipan - Mountain milk chocolate filled with walnuts and marzipan.

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