Kipferl started life as a small delicatessen shop near Smithfield in the City of London in 2004, brainchild of Christian Malnig, an Austrian with the ambition to bring Viennese food culture to London, and his British partner Katie Lloyd Thomas. Kipferl quickly gained a fine reputation for its authentic and high quality cakes, sausages, Viennese coffee varieties and Austrian staples. Londoners enjoy dining out and  trying out new cuisines, and in 2007 we were given the opportunity to operate the park café in Corams Fields, the charitable children's park in Bloomsbury. Around the same time we realised, that the delicatessen and café on Long Lane was getting too small to accommodate all our followers to have their cakes, coffees and savoury meals. So we decided to open a proper Viennese coffeehouse and kitchen.

After years of preparation and looking for the perfect site, 20 Camden Passage in Angel came on the market and London based Austrian designer Benedict Wilhelm created a very stylish and clever layout for the space. In April 2011 we opened to the public. Here we offer the full breadth of Austrian food and drink, from spicy Hungarian gulyas soup to the famous Wiener Schnitzel, from the eponymous Vanillekipferl to the classic Sachertorte 'mit Schlag' (with cream) and from herbal Almdudler lemonade to a peppery Gruener Veltliner wine. The concept of Kipferl is based on the Viennese coffeehouse, where the kitchen is open all day and you can sit on your own with a 'kleiner Brauner' reading newspapers for hours or have a full three course dinner with friends in the evening. Everybody is welcome!

Also in 2011, Kipferl on Gordon Square, a small kiosk selling light savoury meals, coffees and cakes, opened its gates, taking the number of sites to two, since we had closed the café in Corams Fields in autumn 2013. Kipferl on Gordon Square was managed by Bernd Kiener - one of our longest serving employees - until its closure in October 2014. The kiosk is now an equally successful little business run by Juliane Riedl - aka 'Ginger Jules' - who used to work at Kipferl for many years .

Our focus has shifted onto larger coffeehouses and we opened our second site, 'Kipferl Kneipe and Kitchen' in Golborne Road, off Portobello Road, in winter 2014, again designed by Benedict Wilhelm. Kipferl in Golborne Road is more like a wine bar or 'Heurigen' as we say in Austria and the focus here is on serving selected Austrian wines and beers together with Austrian Tapas - small dishes to share. Golborne Road is also where we host special events such as wine tastings, Christmas parties or family reunions. Restaurant manager Christian Kampwirth and head chef Jacek Lukaszewski will look after you for an authentic and personal experience.

Our coffeehouse / restaurant concept is working very well, but we still pride ourselves in being a bit of a 'Geheimtip' - a 'little secret'. All our sites are united by our quest for quality, authenticity, consistency, value and attention to detail.

Christian Malnig, updated 1st March 2018

Location Kipferl Islington